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Ive got a 1.4 206 LX - Y Reg (2001).

I had a routine service done, and they advised my rear brakes needed to be replaced soon as they had started leaking, and also that Peugeot advised replacing the timing belt between 75,000 and 80,000 miles, and mine is at 76500.

They quoted me £150 for each job, but as I was visiting family in wales at the time and could not get it done there.
Ive now come back home, and taken it to a local garage and they charged me £300 for just the brakes? Wasnt sure if the first quote i had was stupidly cheap, or if what i paid was excessive??? ive got the car booked in or next week to have the timing belt, and that is £200? Not sure if its reasonable or not????

One main problem i am really worried about, and was wondering if anyone has the same problem, is that since November i have been hearing a rattling/knocking noise. It seems to be coming from underneath the drivers side and i assumed it was the exhaust come loose. The exhaust was fitted in July. But one garage suggested it may be to do with 'Rollbars' but its nothing to worry about? Ive now taken it to 4 different garages who have all pinned the exhaust again saying it was loose, only for it to rattle 10 mins after leaving the garage? The last garage said 'its probably just a loud exhaust'?????:confused:

Im really worried because surely metal banging on metal can only be a bad thing, but the garages dont seem bothered at all and make me feel like im worrying unecesserily. One even suggestted i probably hadnt noticed it before if i drive with the radio on. I KNOW it definately only started in november!!

Any ideas???? Has anyone else had this problem? It seems worse in the mornngs (when its cold) and its quite loud and obvious on bumpy roads and when your going up to 30 mps.......

I dont know a great deal myself about cars but do my best to look after it, but think the garage take one look at me and decide to take advantage and not take me seriously :( :nono:

Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated!
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