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i was parking my 307 1.6 manual tonight (on reverse gear) when all of a sudden a 2 beep happened, i quickly looked at the dashboard, there was nothing lighted up (battery or abs icons...) and there was no message on the MFD board. i thought this was wiered cause ususally these beeps (the same sounds of alert beeps) are accompanied with a message on the MFD that stays there for at least 5 seconds or more. this was not the case, just 2 beeps and gone.
anyone had the same beep effect?
is it possible that these beeps are accompanied with alert messages on the MFD but they were flashed out almost instantly and that was why i did not see them?
is there a way to check previous or "archived" alert messages? my car booklet manual is in french, and there is a section on page 113 that says that the same stick that displays the car fuel consumption, mileage, average shows the "journal des alertes" and it says "il recapitule les messages d'alertes actifs en les affichant successivement sure l'ecran multifunction", now my poor french translates that into "it can display the previous alert messages?"
the question is : how is this done? if this is doable, then i can check the last message that poped up and which i did not catch?

any help appreciated
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