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So I've been getting a P0234 error code causing it to drop into limp mode.
I've checked the hose for leaks and they are fine.
I've been told that the turbo on the expert van is a variable vane type and the boost is applied by vacuum being passed through the solenoid to the actuator, when excessive boost is created teh vacuum should be shut off release the pressure.
Using a vacuum gauge on the hose from the solenoid to the acutator to measure the actual vacuum whilst driving (ive got a mate monitoring it for me)
at idle (about 750-800 rpm) its showing 1 bar of vacuum passing through, as I accelerate and increase the load on the engine the MAP increase until the engine management light comes on but the vacuum never drops. Surely until the ECU wants to apply boost there should be no vacuum at this hose?
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