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As mentioned on one of my other posts, after having spent a fortune on the rebuild of my motor I put a K&N filter it after noticing a marked improvement in MPG when I ran the engine with the airbox lid off and the filter taped in place.

The winter heater matrix acts as a restrictor and when the intake fills with dirt and debris especially hay, straw and paper bits the air flow is even less. I fitted this K&N twin cone with a heat shield for under £40 and is directly mounted onto the MAF intake and sits above the open airbox to aid in cold air feed.

I have noticed apart from some extra intake noise that inst MPG is up on average by 6MPG and my average MPG is up by 4MPG. Not huge but the biggest gain is the motor revs clean right up to red line and pulls like a train and the power gap at 3k is gone. It's personal pref if you like it or want to do it, but it works for me and doesn't look cheap n nasty either.

Anyone looking to resolve the 3k power loss or to get a general improvement in performance should buy a K&N panel filter. I had the twin cone in storage from my 2.2 vectra so just used that for now as i'm broke with not having a job right now.

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