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1998 206 electric window prob

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Hi all, newby to the site. Got real strange prob with N/S/F electric window. (1998 1.6 GLX 5d). Window goes down perfectly, but wont go up. Ended up removing the whole regulator (drilled out rivets). On inspection, the motor is turning the same way (down), regadless of switch position. It's the older (pre Comm 2000?) large black 9pin multi plug type (4x wires), not the smaller grey (2x wires). Been told its the large black attached PCB 2 blame. Bought a new complete regulator, guess what? Yup, exactly the same. Just to clarify, the motor goes down, & wants to go down even further (clicks, gets hot of course!), when you press (pull) switch up. Cleaned switch out, removed half a pan of Scouse, but seems ok. PS: passenger side works perfectly! Any thoughts? (Relay? if so where to find?) All appreciated. Thanks, K.
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Jumpy said:
Any thoughts? (Relay? if so where to find?) All appreciated. Thanks, K.

Cars registered up to 99 wiring diagrams show that the Sunroof and Front Windows are controlled by a GREEN relay. You'll find it under the dashboard with the fuse box.

Thanks for the info, Moose.
Got Aircon, so no sunroof (to check relay). Also, passenger window works perfectly, presume works off the same relay? But will check it out.

PS: tried a different switch. (This one did not have the elec mirror switch attached, + pin config for windows different by 1pin). But, driver's window worked twice! (I may now have blown a fuse? - it was dark, & I've not been back out there since). So I'm hoping a new (correct) switch may do the trick (?) Any further thoughts? :)

Thanks once again, Jumpy. :)
Glad to have been of some help,let us know how you get on. :D
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