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hello everyone new member/new post
our 1997 Boxer (P-REG) bought new back then is now looking a bit tired the sills have rusted through the starter struggles to turn the engine and the alternator needs replacing and the rear dampers where an advisory and to top it off (it needs a bit of paintwork) a full body respray.
last year it was in this condition so we just didnt bother waisting money getting it MOT'd and the 02 transit is not much better and we need our old faithful back so I want to do the work myself for my parents
we belive that the teeth have worn of the flywheel thus not allowing the starter to turn the engine but luckily the vehicle showing 69000 starts easily I want to do everything I can to save the old truck because its 3 years younger than me I grew up with it the only other option is to break it for spares does anyone else have any similar problems on vehicles of a similar age?
i hate peugeots but just this one I like nobody else at work does except my dad they all think its a nuisance but the day it started after 6 months of neglect fired a spark it will run on the road again. we own a private road so it gets a run out every so often and its got 1/2 tank of Diesel
so i just wondered has anyone else got similar probs and how did you fix then and was it expensive?
oh and let me add I shall need a manual for the Boxer 320 looked on web for free downloads but im waisting my time
thanks for reading
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