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Hello if any one could help then would be appricated.

When i start my car when it is cold it revs its self up to around 6000 revs for a while then drops and does it untill it is warm,

but i changed the oil breather/pipe and top plastic bit and adjusted the throttle and it only seems to go up to about 2000-3000 revs now but i dont really what it to do it,

also the revs are all over the place when i come up to lights ect and carrys on reving itself,

any idears would be great and will give u as much detail as possible,

oh and aswell when i push the clutch i would expect the revs to drop down to idle which it does but it seems to take a while to do it unlike my other 106
is there aways to make it drop to idle quicker ?

many thanks matt
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