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I knew the 106 was going to have more than its fair share of issues due to the price paid and the issues the seller told me about at purchase.

The mechanical issues don't worry me at all. The front lower ball joints are a little noisy & the person who fitted the front brake pads needs to hang up his spanner forever (yes it was done by a local small backstreet garage).
The biggest issue & the issue the seller went on about was how they had been chasing a sunroof leak/water in the footwells for quite some time.

Upon purchase the sunroof (and most of the roof) was covered in multiple layers of gaffer tape. The tape was more than obvious at purchase but didn't prepare me for what I have uncovered over the last few weeks.

Under the tape the sunroof had more silicone sealant than you could ever imagine. It was everywhere and anywhere.
Despite the gaffer tape and all the silicone water still was getting in the car.

While I was removing all the silicone (it took days to get it all away so the sunroof would actually open and wind back) we ended up with the bad storm (mid November) & my wife noticed water dripping in the car so we covered the sunroof ( & most of the roof) with a layer of cling film. End of the problem or so we thought. The next time I opened the back door of the house a few hours later in the back yard we had water to a depth of 2 foot (I have never seen so much water appear in so little time). The water was over the level of the bottoms of the doors so couldn't risk opening the door to move the 106. A little water was getting in but not as much as could.

I have lived here for 50 years and in that time it has never flooded so hoped it would subside quickly.
It didn’t. The water depth settled at 3 foot deep. My workshop/shed and garage were both 3 foot deep with water too.

Another inch or so water depth and it would have been in the house but we were lucky as it was just the outbuildings that was wet.

The carpet/seats/sound deadening was all removed and all drain plugs removed the following day (after we dragged the car out of the water as it became apparent it was full of water so nothing to loose opening the door).
The carpet, seats and door cards have been washed and are now drying.

I haven't had time to look any further at the original sunroof leak till the last few days as our shed/workshop and garage have been condemned due to water damage so we have been emptying the buildings ready for the demolition and rebuild in the New Year.

Back to the 106 I removed the headlining to reveal the sunroof drain tube on the driver’s side was clear but the sill drain wasn't so any water running down the drain filled the sill and entered the car by the seat belt mounting on the b pillar.
Drivers side sill drains cleared and the driver’s side works as it should.
Onto the passenger side there is a nasty problem. The drain pipe has been blocked and that has caused about half a litre of water to be sat for an extended time in the sunroof mounting that has caused some rust and a bit of perforation (one of the places water was leaking into the car).
I am going to remove the sunroof from the mount (the pressed steel part that is part of the roof skin) to see how bad the corrosion is and then I can decide if it’s a cleanup, treat & glass fiber repair or a welded repair may be needed.

I still can’t get the passenger side drain pipe to clear and am going to try a few things found on the internet & will update if any work. If not I guess it’s time to remove the pipe and fit and new one (so far it seems to be pretty stuck)

The annoying thing is if all the budging that included pouring "seek and seal" in to the sunroof opening (I guess that what blocked the sill drain and the pipe) hadn't been done it would have been a fairly easy fix.

Other than the above my wife loves the car & is adamant that she wants it sorting.
I will admit that the seats are far comfier than in my car and in a lot of ways the car reminds me of the 309's I had many moons ago.

Sorry for the monologue but I have spent a lot of time searching the net for photos and information on the 106 with water leaks & yes there are lots of people who report the issues but few seem to report success in fixing them.
It was an old thread on here that has given me a few ideas & has enabled me to get so far with the car.
Cosmetically the car polished up superbly with a couple of dents in the front wing letting it down.
If I can get the car water tight I will be getting the local dent guy out to resolve that issue.

Overall it’s been a bit of an uphill struggle with the car but with it being a 1.6 auto and having the plush XT (if somewhat damp) interior makes it worth it if I can resolve the issues.

It would have been so much easier if I could use the garage & hopefully it won’t take them too long in the New Year to get the new garage up for us. Then it’s going to take me forever to find all my tools.

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As a follow up to the blocked passenger side sunroof drain tube.

Today I removed the glove box (two slider pins from underneath (used a mirror to see them)) and undid all the bolts I could find that were fastened into the lower part of the a pillar.
After threading a pipe clearer down the tube again the pipe still wasn't clearing.
As a last measure I put the air line from the compressor on the drain pipe and at last got some flow through the pipe.

After removing the grommets for the wiring etc into the area I managed to hook the end of the pipe & low and behold the problem is apparent.

The lower dashboard mounting bolt has been crimping the pipe for some time.
The pipe has permanently taken on the crimped shape and even though its no longer trapped it still wont flow as free as I like.

Luckily I have some silicone pipe on the way that I am going to replace both sunroof drains with.
I made sure the drain pipe was well out of the way as I installed all the bolts (dashboard mount and a few bolts that are earth points).

Quite how long the pipe had been trapped/crimped by the dash mounting bolt I don't know but get the feeling that there was probably minimal flow down the drain pipe and the combination of a blockage and the seek and seal the previous owner/their garage used made the blockage so solid.

Now its a case of waiting for the new pipe and hopefully my garage will be rebuilt in the next few weeks so I can remove the sunroof cassette completely and sort the corrosion & reseal the sunroof frame into the roof at the same time.

Then its onto the more interesting stuff and getting the car re-assembled from its somewhat dismantled state.
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