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Afternoon all.

Have an old (very old) S1 3 door which refuses to die and doing sterling service at nearly 250k miles now.

Interested to do a little bit of fun upgrade to get car up to good scratch as a 'learn to drive in' car for Grand daughter. But have very limited knowledge of what can be exchanged between an S2 and S1 and hoping you might be able give me a heads up please?

The interior seats have seen better days and could benefit from an S2 replacement but don't know if its a go'er?

The interior likewise. And maybe some external panels? Whilst I know the S1 well to work on, I have zero knowledge on the upgrade potential.

Can will have a big shake down and respray so I have the option to source replacements.

Appreciate any knowledge, skills or links to articles that could help in this quest. Many thanks in advance
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