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I have posted for 106 torsion bars in the wanted section
I have posted here looking for some information
I aquired 2 206 rear bars which are too long for my project and have heard that the 106 bars are shorter at 967mm long is this correct???
What are the weakest bars that were fitted (diameter)
I also need to know if the splines are the same 206 and 106 can anybody enlighten me
The plan is to use 1 bar to make a Z bar for my Renault 8 gordini circuit car and the other for my Renault Dauphine Proto racer (under construction)
I keep breaking the driving links,so a Torsion bar would be ideal for this purpose
When I cut up the 206 axle I cut out the bar mountings and have turned them down into splined collars that fit onto the bar ends. I hope these will fit the 106 bars or I will be needing a complete MOT fail axle to cut the bar mounts from
I'm in central Scotland hope someone can help
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