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Hi all, I'm new here so please be gentle.

I have a question, but there's a load of stuff to read first.

I'm trying to fix my daughter in law's '98 1.1 106 with transponder key immobiliser.

The key was jammed in the ignition and stuck in the "off" position.

To remove the old barrel I had to slide off the antenna unit but the key was in the way, so I cut off the antenna unit.
I then drilled out the lugs that hold the barrel in place and removed it.
I took the barrel into the house and separated the barrel from the plastic switch unit and tried to free the key. No luck, so I ordered a replacement barrel and keys from eBay.

When I'd cut the antenna unit off, I damaged the coil, so I wound a new one and fitted it. I decided to test it using a screwdriver in the switch unit. However the key (with the chip) was still in the house. The ignition came on and the engine turned over but did not start. I realised my mistake, got the key and held it in the middle of the coil but it still would not start.

Here's the question:
Did I lock the ECU when I tried to start the car without the key?
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