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hi i am new here.
have multipule problems with my peugeot 106 II from 2000.
Rear wiper stoped working
Rear lights not working al the time
All Brake lights not working
Indicator lights not working. When indicating left or right fast clicking from relais but when warning light on slow as usual. But not working.
fuele gauge not indicating fuel in tank.

all the fuses er good.
engene bay cleaned earth connection.
No corotion burned pins on connectors or cluster
Bulbs replaced.
Fuel pump replaced.
Brake light switch works.
No burned wire
Bridge block good.
Power on brake light connector.

engine stalls:
replaced map sensor, stepper motor, cleaned throtle body.
now running with to mutch fuel.

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To my post update.
Tested the relais. there were dry solder joints. so i resolderd them.
tested the power from stearing colum. was good.
So traced on.
Found. that water was under the carpet on the driver side and the wiring was thicker than normal.
The car has had a problem with the rear wheel arch rottong and that was fix by welding new repair panels in place.
But water was still in the floor pans.
made 2 pieces of a wire bare and run a jumper cable past the bad patch. and took a look if worked.
Yes! brake light.
Now doing 22 other wires.
Now working.
fuel gauge
fuel pump
brake light left, center, rear
rear wiper motor
left indicator
booth light
un the next day hope to fix the other wires and get working.
reverse light
booth lock
driving light
fog light
rear window heating
and right indicator
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