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Hi all,

After a recent driveshaft/wheel bearing change on my R-Reg 1.4XR, I found that the OS brake is now binding. I have checked/replaced several parts and found that the caliper piston is causing the inner brake pad to act on the disc; it's not fully binded, but drags on the disc and causes a loud noise when driving.

So far I have done the following:
  • Replaced caliper
  • Replaced flexi-hose
  • Slackened brake pedal to servo linkage
  • Bled system
  • Checked pads and caliper are sliding ok
  • Checked servo and working ok
  • Opened bleed valve to see if master cylinder problem - fluid drips but is not forced out, so I presume master cylinder is ok.
Not really sure what else could be the problem, unless the master cylinder is misadjusted? Has anybody else had this problem before, or has any ideas about what it could be? Personally I'm stumped!
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