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The 106 1.1 engine is very easy to work on.
If you need to change the thermostat it`s a very straight forward job.

There are 2 types of thermostat. One of them is just a standard thermostat and the other one is built into a black plastic housing with the pipe connector and it`s all in one piece. Make a note of this before you go and buy one.

1. Make sure your engine is cool (preferably cold). Open the radiator/coolant cap and remove it.
2. Look at the passenger side of the engine and you will see a thick black water pipe coming from the top of the radiator. Follow this pipe along to the engine and you will come to the thermostat housing. If the housing is aluminium(metal), you have a standard type thermostat. (They cost about a fiver). If it is black plastic, you have the fixed housing thermostat. The housing and thermostat are all one unit.(About 6 -10 quid)
3. Undo the heater hose pipe on the thermostat housing and remove it from the housing. Tuck it up out of the way to save coolant.
4. Remove the 2 10mm bolts that hold the housing on and remove the stat/ stat housing. Make sure you clean the inside of the opening with a bit of cloth etc before you try to refit the new thermostat.
5. Refitting is a reversal of removal. Don`t over tighten the 2 bolts or you will have a problem with leaks.
6. Top up the coolant and bleed the radiator and heater pipes using the bleed valves with the engine running. The radiator bleed valve is on the top right hand side of the radiator. The heater matrix valve is on the drivers side at the back of the engine.(it looks like a tyre valve).
7. Keep an eye on the coolant level over the next few days in case you have dislodged any air bubbles.

If you need any more help, just ask :thumb:
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