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My father has an 06 Plate 1007 which has the Magneti Marelli RT3 N3 Sat Nav/Radio/Phone as its control unit.

A while ago it developed a fault where, without the radio being on, but the computer screen active, there is a loud banging noise coming through the speakers (in Dads words 'it sounds like somebody is banging on the roof').

Unfortunatly it does ot do this all of the time, and following a couple of visits to Peugeot dealer, when he went out on atest drive with no noise for a third time and the nosie did appear.

The tecnician took the unit out, and said that they would send it off for a diagnosis, which they did, but it was returned untested as whoever they sent it to said that they could do nothing with it.

We reinstalled the unit and upn the fiest drive, the noise was back but this time constant!

Can anybody advise of somebody, in or around Kent, that could have a look at this to see what may be wrong with it.

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