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I have a 2006 1.4HDi 1007, the airbag light is on, the fault memory states an open circuit in the N/S curtain airbag. I have checked the curtain airbag and it is fine.
Therefore proceeded to disconnect the airbag module, to check the wiring continuity from the N/S curtain airbag to the airbag module. This shows what I believe to be a short in one of the N/S curtain airbag wires and an open circuit in the other.
For me to carry on the diagnostic, I need to understand what number pins (terminals/connectors) correspond to the wires coming from the N/S curtain airbag at the airbag connector.
The dealer will not give me this information, I wondered if anyone had access to it and could let me know which pins (terminals/connectors) go where.

I would really appreciate your help.

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