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The cam belt has broken or come off on my 1999 1.9D (normally aspirated) Citroen relay.

I need to investigate further when I have a little time but I think the water pump was probably the cause as it coincided with a substantial leak from under the cambelt cover. I actually stopped to investigate the rise in engine temperature, and the belt failure occurred at idle just after I'd popped the bonnet, so I'm hoping I may have got away with only light damage but wont really know until I take the head off.

I'm thinking though that it's probably going to be cheaper to find a reasonable 2nd hand engine and swap them than it is to have all the head work done on the existing engine - on that basis is there anything I need to be aware of when looking for engines, ie will any XUD9 engine fit or do I need to be looking for specific versions (ie engine codes) of the XUD9? For example, should an XUD9 from a late '90s partner drop straight in?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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