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Hi All,
With an MOT due very soon I thought I'd look over the Engine ECU with Planet 2000 to see if anything was lurking.

Mine is a 2008 207SW 1.6Vti with 61000 on the clock. Mainly motorway runs of 60 to 150 miles. Driven enthusiastically ;)

What I noticed was in the Adaptive Values applied that cylinders 1 and 4 have ignition timing retard values of 0 (the default setting if no knocking is detected) whilst cylinder 2 and 3 have retardations of -3deg and -5deg respectively.

Clearly the ECU reckons it's detected knocks on 2 and 3 and has applied ignition retards for just those two cylinders.

Spark plug colours look healthy and pretty much identical between the cylinders.

So my question is: What is the most likely cause of knocks on individual cylinders on these 1.6Vti engines? Injector issues? Coil packs?? Good old fashioned carbon build-up???
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