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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and really need help with regards to getting the timing correct on a Peugeot Partner (B9) 1.6HDi DV6 9HF engine.

This van belongs to my brother in law and recently stripped the belt! We have replaced the head gasket, valves, and followers but when we align the marks on the crank pulley reluctor ring, the camshaft sprocket locking location and the fuel pump (then fit the belt as per procedure) it locks up! We have already squeezed the tappets to rid of oil. All the usual stuff. Heres a list of what we have tried:

Locking the crank via the flywheel locking pin which would be TDC on cylinder One- The cam pulley will not lock in the timing locking location as the valve attempts to open on cylinder 1 (Cylinder nearest the cam sprocket.)

Locking the Crank 180 degrees from above position (another hole in flywheel) which would be BDC on cylinder 1. Cam lock goes into position but soon locks on valves.

Rocking on Cylinder 4 and firing on cylinder one with piston at TDC on Cylinder 1. (The conventional way on 8v engines) I have done this the other way around too because some french manufacturers call Cylinder 1 the one nearest the gearbox.

The crank has a woodruff key in it which locates the reluctor ring which we bought from Peugeot as we must have dropped it? The camshaft sprocket can only go on one way and there is a key-way in it for location.

Is there something we are missing? Looking from autodata the crank is located via the reluctor ring which sets the pistons to the safe position (halfway down) but via Haynes Pro it says turn cylinder 1 to TDC so can someone please clarify the correct procedure because i cannot think of anymore methods to time the engine!!

Also i have turned the camshaft full when the pistons are in the safe position to check the valves are operating as they should and all seems fine. The crank has been turned fully with the Cam Box off and it is fine turns freely.

Any help appreciated,
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