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I have a 2009 308 SW with a 109hp 1.6 hdi.

Approx 4 months ago after receiving various engine emission fault codes and the engine hunting idle cleaned the EGR and replaced the MAF

The engine ran smoother, but I still had error codes.

Subsequently I have replaced the following:
- DP sensor
- EGR valve
- Fuel filter

There are now no error codes.

Unfortunately the engine is still hunting at idle 750-850rpm and power delivery uneven at lower revs. I also noticed on my scanner that the fuel rail pressure is varying at idle from approx 280k-600k.

When I unplug the MAF the car runs smoothly again.

As far as I can see there are no vacuum faults.

Could the MAF be faulty or does anyone have any other suggestions?

Any help is much appreciated.
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