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Hello all im looking for some advice

I have a 308 SE 2008 1.6VTI and have a issue with what i would call hesitation (im not that experienced so it could be something else)

My car sometimes starts with high idle and generally sounds a bit rough when idling and drives a bit rough for maybe the first 30 seconds to a minute even in warm fades as the car gets warmer or if i turn the ignition off then back on immediately the idle is fine

Sometimes when changing gears then re accelerating after the gear change (especially on hills) the car sort of wobbles and throws you forward in your seat slightly almost like something is getting in the way of the fuel flow if that makes sense? it also sometimes happens in higher gear.f i put my foot down on the accelerator quite sharp the car starts to pick up but wobbles doing so

It's weird because some times i feel like the car is really nippy and responsive and other times i find it unpredictable and slightly delayed on acceleration

(Thing's iv done on the car recently that didn't make a difference )

New set of iridium bosch spark plugs
Car lube petrol treatment run through a full tank
Wynns Petrol Egr cleaner run through the air intake
New oil,engine flush and oil filter
Archoil ar6900-p max used on my last 10 fuel ups
Coolant flush and new thermostat installed (still have no heat in the car so not sure if there is a link there?) all the coolant was clean and oil is spot on

The only two things iv noticed but i don't think they would have that much effect is my air filter doesn't quite fit flush in the housing so when screwed back together there is a small lip still visible around the air filter housing and one of my ignition coil rubber boots was corroded on to my old spark plug so im missing one

Forgot to mention i have filmed the RPM gauge at start up to show the odd idling. let me know if this is needed

Any tips greatly appreciated and many thanks
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