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I have a Citroen C4 1.6 VTI with AL4 transmission, but has a very poor performance,
especially while pressing the pedal on third and fourth gear, not revving quickly,
and on full trotttling it downshifts to second gear and revving to 3k - 4k rpm and also not gear up a long time,
while driving uphill, revving 3k - 4k rpm on second gear and manually shifting third, rpm suddenly drops 2k, and not revs up even though press the pedal.
i bought a bluetooth obd tool and install android torque realtime charts, and saw that some values always zero,
could they be the reason of the poor performance?

zero values
barometric pressure (from vehicle)
engine load (absolute)
intake manifold pressure
relative throttle position

sorry for bad english, thank you


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