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i have my 407 for 5 years now. It has started to give me gray hair recently...

Suddenly it started to turn on the fan at full speed when i turned ignition ON (engine off). Same moment i turned key and ignition lights came on, fan started. No matter, hot, cold engine. Friend borrowed me obd scanner, i checked ECU with DiagBox, i got next error: P0692 - permanent - open circuit. Actuator test didnt work - fan was always on full speed. Local garage shop said, it is faulty fan, few forum visits confirmed it.

I ordered new fan, received it today (more than 300$ :S). Changed it and deleted all faults.

When i turned ignition ON, everything was OK, fan not running. After 20 km drive, car didnt overheat, everything is working fine except A/C..

So, i tried actuator test for fan again. High speed works fine, when i try low speed, it doesnt move. later i rechecked ECU for faults, it gave me P0694 - fan low speed control - permanent - open circuit.

All fuses ok, wiring looks ok, i dont have any idea what to look!

Does anyone have an idea what else should i fix?
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