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Hi all. Could someone please help i require the following infomation i got someone to look at the timing on my car but he wants to know the following this is what he sent me in the e-mail

" Hi can you find out as i believe you put a timing pin thorough the Camshaft which is around 8mm and there is a smaller pin that goes thorough the Crank shaft. But i believe there is another one that either goes in the back of the engine just above the drive shaft or goes into the Flywheel could you find out which one. As i will not have access to Autodata to find out before i come over tomorrow. . Also is it possible for the Crankshaft Pully to trun on the spindle when the 18m nut is lose)

Could someone please tell me where the pins ment to go either the back of the engine or above drive shaft

Also is the crankshaft cog able to turn when the nut is lose the 18mm one.

Thanks for all your help you have all been great.
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