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Hi all,

Recently my dads 3008 engine caught fire underneath as documented on a thread on this same forum. Peugeot Robins & Day found nothing wrong with the engine or the car itself and could only presume the under tray caught fire after coming into contact with the DPF, a weird reasons given, almost as if they were trying to 'sugar coat' the cause, especially considering they made us a special price for repairing it after insurance said they would not cover..

Since having the car back after they removed the burnt tray and done some rewiring, as a result of the wires melting from the heat of the fire. The car seems very sluggish, the car has little power in the first and second gears only beginning to pull a bit more in the third gear, even at higher rev ranges the engine is lacking responsiveness and power.

The engine involved is a 1.6 HDi with 55,000 miles on the clock, with all services done at Peugeot..

Any ideas what could be causing the sluggish response? My dad is however planning on getting rid of the car as it has only caused us problems..
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