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Hello everyone, my car is a 1.6 HDi from 2005 with almost 250.000km.
The other day I was driving on the hwy at around 120kmh and suddently it lost all power and was saying to stop. I stopped and smoke started to get out from under the hood, didn't have to use extinguisher because it stopped by itself and I didnt see any fire.


No idea why photos show upside down.. can't fix and can't post links.. sorry

From my noob knowledge.. this is what is melted
diesel intake pipes
some electric cables
brake liquiq reservoir
windshield washer pipes
engine air intake flow meter
cabin air filter box melted
engine cover melted
and surely more things

Not sure if this is related to what happened but usually it was also losing a bit of coolant and I think the pressure in the cooling system was higher than normal.

Wonder what happened there :confused:
Mechanic said he doesn't know and must take it apart to look at it.

Thanks for reading :)
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