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Had a 1.6 HDi 92 (DV6ATED4) Partner van for a Diagbox session today.

It occasionally goes into limp mode.

Found three faults:
P3000 Flowmeter singal airflow too high (intermittent)
P0100 Flowmeter air flow not possible (intermittent)
P0299 Turbo pressure electrovalve control (permanent)

So I'm guessing that P0299 is the real problem and the other two are consequences of it.

All three cleared and didn't come back when we went for a short drive.

On the short drive I had graphical parameter measurements running and clearly turbo pressure reference was different to turbo pressure measured (although they seem to move in opposite directions); nevertheless they're clearly not very closely correlated.

On the front passenger side of the turbo is what I presume is the actuator, I guess that's a vacuum pipe and that there's an electovalve hiding somewhere?

There's an actuator test in Diagbox that tells you to feel the acuator vibrate, and it does.

I think I'd throw a new electrovalve (1618 QK) at it because of how different the position repeat signal is from the reference value.



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