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Hey folks

After a bit of advice on this one...

Finally got the DPF system to work as it should - only after removing the DPF, cleaning and refitting, replacing fuel cap sensor, topping up eloys and resetting both counters to 0...I have now seen the values for the DPF/eloys change (volume in tank, volume in PEF, etc)!

It is my understanding the DPF system will only regenerate if there are no faults stored in the additive ECU and the engine ECU, which brings up my next problem.

The fault seems to occur randomly, I can go all the way past 4k in second through 4th gear and it still won't happen. Then 5 minutes later, I can slow down going round a bend, go into third and put my foot to the floor and bam - Depolution System Faulty on the MFD and engine MIL on.

I have checked with Planet and the problem is always the same:-

Intermittent Fault - Turbo Pressure Sensor - Raw Signal - P0328

Planet records the following info from when the fault occurred:-

Fault Code: P0328
Engine Speed: 2120 rpm
Turbo Pressure Voltage: 2823 mV
Turbo Pressure: 2470 mbars
Atmospheric Pressure: 976 mbars
Measured Injected Flow: 46 mg/impulse
Mileage: 176890 km

I've read a few threads where the same fault (turbo pressure sensor) is permanent, but not intermittent like mine. A lot of the time, I've read the fault can be ignored. But as the fault is stored in the engine ECU, I thought this would prevent the car from doing a DPF regeneration?

Average distance of last 5 regens is sitting at 81km and the last one was 48km ago.

I haven't found any visible holes/breaks in any of the air hoses, nor can I hear any audible leaks either.

What do you all suggest to do next?

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