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Hi every one this is my first ever post in any forum so hear goes

My wife 207 keeps intermittently cutting out with the usual anti pollution warning, but will usually start again after a couple of seconds then
sometimes it will be OK for 2- 3 weeks of normal use other time it will stop latter the same day. and sometimes it will cut out at high speed other times at a junction.

But when I connect my elm327 it wont communicate with the ECU.
So we had the car put on a PP2000 the only faults it came up with where intermittent loss of communication with power steering ecu and intermittent loss of communication with ABS ecu. From what I have read I believe they are the same ecu does any one know if this fault would cause the engine to stop or has any one seen anything similar.

I have done usual filter changes just to rule them out first. and planet didn't report a clogged DPF or fuel pressure problems.Also from the symptoms I don't think it could be that.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Ps the car has done just under 30,000mls and is a 2008 model
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