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1.2 puretech hatch, nothing but problems.

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Howdy folks, my name is Jordy!

I'm from Belgium! Sadly we don't have any good forum for Peugeots.
So British forums it is!

Now in 2014 we bought the new 308 1.2 puretech 5dr hatch.

Sadly it's been quite a problematic car, we've had to use the warranty quite a bit! The engine had to be replaced due to a problem in the camshaft.
ABS sensors that failed prematurely, computer acting funny!

Now that our warranty has expired, it's becomming quite costly to repair this vehicle at the dealership... and i was hoping some of you could help me with the following issues:

The AC on this car has always been a bit wonky, sometimes it just refuses to blow air. You have to restart the car a few times before it decides to blow cold air again.

But now the AC has completely stopped working, but the compressor is fine and the gas is still filled to the right amount.

-Engine light warning:
for an entire month the car has been beeping to tell me something wrong with my engine. Asked the dealership and they said it may be the type of petrol i use, which i found hard to believe as petrol in europe has to live by a certain standard.

I was hoping if you folks knew if there was a semi cheap way to read this car out by myself. Do generic ODB2 readers work or do i need something slightly more advanced for this car?

Thank you all, and my apologies for my poor English.
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