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Hi guys. I have an 2008 207cc.
The coolant is dropping low every few days and the engine can sometime stall when idol.
90% of the time the revs drop to low and the engine kicks in and brings it back up. But sometimes it drops to low and stalls.

The engine seems rather hot for such short drives. Work is about 15 mins away and it's rather hot under the bonnet. Temp gauges are fine however.

I am wondering if these 2 things are connected.
There are no obvious leaks.

I will more than likely take it to a garage soon, but I find if I can point then in the right direction they waste less time diagnosing the issue lol.

I plugged i my OBD reader and the only thing it showed was this ....

MID:02 TID:$66
02 bank 1 sensor 2
Min: 6696 Max:24562

Not sure if that means anything to anyone.

Any help is great thank you!
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