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First of all, I'm not great with cars so please forgive me if I'm asking something already asked!
I bought a '06 307 back in January and it's been driving really well. It was popping up an error "Anti-pollution fault" which my mechanic cleared when he didn't find anything wrong with the car.
I was away for a few days this week. Got into the car this morning, put in the key and turned it once so the lights started turning on. The airbag error and seatbelt error lights popped up. I turned the key to try and start the car and the dashboard lights flashed, the wipers turned on and the language changed to French with the time and date resetting. I didn't know what to do so my neighbour jumpstarted the car for me which worked. I took it for a very long spin and then left the engine running for a brief while when I got back home as he suggested. Just got in to the car now again to take it for another spin and again it won't start. No warning lights this time but the wipers turned on again.
I'm assuming this is a battery issue possibly? Will go to my mechanic tomorrow but just wanted to get some feedback from others who might know what the issue might be.
Thanks for your help!
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