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  1. 307
    Dear Peugeot forum, As I need a new regulator for the left driver side window of my Peugeot 307cc (2005), a seller asked me to look into wether my model has ‘comfort mode’. Could anyone advise me how I can find out wether my model has this function integrated? Are the regulators structurally...
  2. 207
    Hello Everyone! My Gf has a Peugeot 207 cc from 2007, the left window has stopped working. We chased the fault down to the Temic module. It's pretty impossible to get one for a peugeot 207 cc, but they grow on trees for renault clios, and meganes. My question is, is it possible that it will...
  3. General Discussion
    Anybody had any issues with there window controls at drivers side? Since February I have not been able to control the passenger windows. Been in and out of arnold clark since February and they still can't fix it. This is my 3rd week this time of not having my car.
  4. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi all, so I am in desperate need of help. A couple of weeks ago I lowered my drivers side window and went to raise it again heard a snap and the window wouldn't work, brought a new regulator as when we removed old one we could see the wires had been chewed up into the motor, so fitted in new...
1-4 of 4 Results