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  1. 508 (2011-18)
    Hello all, Today I've discovered something quite strange, in park mode engine off when I am pushing the car I can hear liquid moving, even if I push the car when I am inside I can hear it moving, but when I start the engine or drive the car you do not hear anything , anybody any ideea about...
  2. 207
    For future info to members and guests I thought I'd record the problems and fixes I've just made to my daughters Peugeot 207. Very frustrating to pin down but sorted in the end. May also be applicable to other marques/models with similar engines or ECU design e.g. Citroen C2 a) Actual fault...
  3. 308 (2014-2021)
    Never seen this before but only had my 2014 model T9 for about a year. I have what I think is water (clear, no smell) liquid dripping from a small black circular plastic thing under the car approx where the driver sits (right hand drive, Australian model). Pic and vid: Note wet patch lower...
  4. General Discussion
    Ok so here what I've done. I changed the case and battery in my fob. Went to start the car the car started to turn over then nothing it went dead. Checked fuses their fine. Checked battery voltage and it's coming up as 12.3V Reset BSI as the windows didn't work and car wouldn't lock. Now...
  5. General Discussion
    After heavy rain I've just been out to the car and I've an inch of water in the footwell and I could see water running into it from under the central casing (near the gear stick) It only happens when it rains badly and it's not the windscreen or door. Any advice? Thanks.
  6. 307
    Hello there, I have a small issue with my Peugeot 307 SE The issue is after each downpour, I get a fair amount of water in passenger side footwell, It seems to accumulate under the passenger side matting. I have since removed the passenger matt to hope it dries, but it soon appears when it...
1-6 of 6 Results