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  1. 5008 (2009-2016)
    Does anyone know what resistance should Charge air cooler coolant pump give?
  2. 207
    I got this code in my 1.6 thp : P2603 - (Electric) turbo additional coolant pump control fault open circuit. First of all, does this hurt my turbo? Cause the circuit is open not closed. Second, my engine is running arout 70-85*C , is it because of this error or is my thermostat stuck too...
  3. General Discussion
    In June I purchased a 208 2014 plate it was high mileage - 114,000 - but I accepted this as it was one owner from new and had FSH. I bought it from a local car dealer , and it came with one months warranty. 6 weeks later a light came on. Stupidly I took it to my local garage (probably out of...
  4. 207
    Hello from Sweden! I have a Peugeot 207 1,6 VTI 2007 that has lately been leaking alot of coolant. It all started two weeks ago when i was going to check the oil level and saw that the coolant level was below minimum mark. I filled it up and started to notice that within a week the coolant...
1-4 of 4 Results