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  1. 207
    Hi, I’ve got a 1.6 gt 207 57 plate, I’ve got braking system fault and abs faulty. Brakes are feeling fine, garage have said nothing wrong with them. I’ve also got every single light is faulty even though they all work. The rear drivers side indicator works when it wants. Connections have been...
  2. 3008 (2016 & prior)
    A month ago we got the engine fault/emissions warning plus the orange pump warning light plus the ‘UREA’ warning light plus ‘you have 1500 miles before engine won’t start’ warning. We immediately got the AdBlue tank re-filled at a Halfords Auto Centre and the warnings disappeared After driving...
  3. 208 (2012-2019)
    Hi I am getting a warning light on my 2014 208, I have booked it in to the garage next week for fluid top up - how far can it be driven in the meantime? Im thinking of going away before then - about 300 miles? Should I reconsider? Thanks in a advance
  4. 308 (2014-2021)
    Hi all, I have had many lights appear on the dashboard, and I have no idea why. The car definitely doesn't need a service as one was done fairly recently, they all appeared at the same time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1-4 of 4 Results