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  1. 107
    I have found that if i rev the engine when parked it vbrates, you can feel in under the drivers seat, a friend looked and said that the engine and bonet also vibrates when you small rev on a distance drive you dont notice it, (recently drived 240miles no problem) Have had a new exhaust...
  2. 2008 (2019+)
    Hi I've now had my 2008 for 2 months. I still seem to be the only person in SE London to own one as i haven't seen a single one in this time!! I had the 3008 for 3 years before this which i loved but decided that i wanted something slightly smaller, plus i thought the 2008 looked better...
  3. 407
    Hi guys I have peugot 407/2005. My problem is cutting out (with vibration) of the engine in the cold morning weather that lasts for 5 minutes and accompanies with flashing check engine and ESP/ASL faulty only. I took it to the garage for computer check which revealed misfiring in many cylinders...
1-3 of 3 Results