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  1. 307
    Hi, I have a 307sw (year 2008) 1.6hdi 90bhp upgraded to stage 3 ECU. With the 297 injectors, GTD1244vz turbo, EGR and Cat removed, throttle body removed and a direct intake. Looking to upgrade the suspension and brake system. I was thinking in use drilled disks, and EBC redstuff pads but I...
  2. Performance Modifications
    Hello, I would like to put a new air filter on my 207 has anyone done it? I need help.
  3. 106
    Hi guys I was just wondering if there is any point of tuning a Peugeot 106 quicksilver. The car has a 1.4l engine , just wondering if there are any worthwhile upgrades I could do , any links to any websites would be appreciated 👍🏻 Sam
  4. 508 (2018+)
    Hi. I have been looking for some time to enhance my 508 GT. Im interested mostly in a fine sounding exhaust. Anyone has an idea about someone selling tuning parts for the new 508? Because I didnt find any. Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results