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  1. Audio (Sound) and Multimedia
    Hi all I want to upgrade the standard radio in my 2018 Expert to a proper head unit with screen. Has anyone on here done this? Any problems? Thanks
  2. Traveller
    Hello, I'm having a problem with the hot air on the drivers side, it is cooler than the passenger side, would anyone have a diagram to show how the system works to assist with some fault finding. The servinmotors appear to be functioning and the flaps at the lower part of the matrix are...
  3. General Discussion
    hi - there seem to be mixed opinions on whether a USB CD drive will work for playing music in a Traveller. Partner has a lot of CDs and wants to use them. Won't put music on phone and then use BT as it consumes phone space is there such a thing as a USB CD drive (prefer slot load) that would...
  4. Traveller
    Hello, I purchased my second traveller (2019 plate) last year after having 3.5 trouble free years with my first however the new one has developed a weird alarm issue where it randomly sounds the alarm. This can happen everyday or every few days and when it does go off the lights don't flash as...
  5. Traveller
    Hi. I have a 2016 Traveller and would like to carry bikes on the back, preferably without fitting a tow bar. The Thule BackPac seems to be recommended on some sites, but others say the tailgate isn’t strong enough. Has anyone used one, or got an alternative? I don’t want the bikes to hang off...
1-5 of 5 Results