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starting issue

  1. Few niggly issues

    Hi! New here, just brought a second hand 2006 206 1.4 Verve. Full service history, clear MOT, 55000 miles. Lovely! However... I’ve started to notice a couple of issues. Few days back it went into limp mode on the drive to work, a friend scanned it and it was misfiring and poor combustion on...
  2. Problems with my Peugeot 207CC 1.6 HDi 2011(61)

    Hi everyone, I'm not used to posting on forums and have desperately scoured many recently looking for solutions to my problem(s). I figured/hoped that the easiest thing for me to do now is post on a forum and see if anyone can offer me any specific advice. My car is: Peugeot 207 CC Convertible...
  3. Intermittent starting problem on 55 plate partner

    Hi all move got a 55 plate 1.9 diesel partner that’s had anew battery but still doesn’t start sometimes. Usually starts perfectly but some times I turn the key and nothing just dead, no starter motorbut all the usual lightson the dash and the radio works. Turn it off and on againa few times and...
  4. 407sw 2.0HDi 2004 manual randomly wont start

    Hello there I have bought my very first car for not a long time ago, after some time it had firstly developed an issue where it would pop the nr8 fuse which is responsible for the starter solenoid. Sometimes the starter would spin without engaging with the flywheel. I have replaced the starter...