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  1. 207
    I’m in Japan. My 207 VTI has weird features… the stereo, 16 inch wheels verse 17 inch. Can anyone help me with the VIN? It was sold and registered as a 2010 but the VIN reads like 2009?
  2. 207
    Ok Car peeps - my Peugeot 207 has stopped and I believe it an electrical problem. Last few days radio/sat nav display turned off, central locking playing up, head and brake light bulbs keep blowing over last 2 years and now will not start at all and wipers coming on when they are turned off...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi all, I bought my first car last week, a second hand 207 Sportium, and have yesterday misplaced the Micro SD card that belongs to the Clarion NX501e head unit. I have looked everywhere about how to contact Clarion but have only found a french website and all their touchscreen products seem to...
  4. 207
    Hi, first time posting here so I hope I am doing it all right! I’ve had my 61 reg 207 Sportium for almost two years, great car and the Clarion NX501ER satnav/media system has been good, if not always perfect. Driving along last week as normal and the screen on the Clarion suddenly went...
1-4 of 4 Results