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  1. 306
    i have a dturbo about 3 days alot of white smoke cant figure it out have put redx true it today no difference there is a bit of oil in the boost pipes and has a misfire any ideas or recomendations what to do or check to solve the misfire and smoke would be super appriciated
  2. Boxer
    Hi All, Since its been getting cold outside my van has started to smoke in the mornings. It is a whiteish/greyish smoke for maybe the first 5 or so minutes of driving. There is no coolant loss over time so I think it must be unburnt fuel. I have just replaced the air filter and have a new fuel...
  3. 307
    Hello folks, I decided to post about my brother's 2007 307 since he's too lazy to do anything about it. So the issue is when the car is cold, there's a extremly thick blue-white smoke with a very weird smell, somewhat like plastic, or just diesel. The smoke is there constatnly until the car...
1-3 of 3 Results