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  1. 508 (2011-18)
    (TL : DR) Can anyone please help point me to a place to get the SMEG/SMEG+ map for my car. It is a 2013 peugeot 508 and I have updated the maps myself to the 2019 version. Could anyone please just give me a file/link to download the map files for Asia. If its possible, could you sent me to a...
  2. 308 (2014-2021)
    2014 model with SMEG+, just updated to version 5.43. I've noticed that when tuned to a BBC station, the DAB-FM tracking function is inactive, but it works when tuned to Classic FM (for example, tune to Classic FM on the FM band, then within seconds, the unit will switch to Classic FM on DAB...
  3. 508 (2011-18)
    Hello, first time I experienced it yesterday, smeg+ working fine but no sound at all on speakers. I tried turning off/on the car, but it did not help, then I left a car turned off for 30 minutes, and it start working again. I doubt on smeg+ firmware, is there a way to reset the smeg by some...
  4. 308 (2014-2021)
    Hi everyone. I am owner by Peugeot 308 2014, and have Smeg+ on a board. My question is, does it possible to some way active Mirrorlink? I have Iphone function already in system. But I have android phone. Any sugestion is needed. Cheers. :geek:
1-4 of 4 Results