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  1. 206
    Hi there, anyone have any ideia where I can get the 206 rc bucket seats?
  2. 3008 (2017+)
    Hi All Is it possible to have heated seats fitted into a 2017 GT Line? I know it comes as standard in the premium model so curious to see if it can be added on. Thanks
  3. Partner
    can’t seem to find anything about this online. I have a 2012 Peugeot partner 2 seat. Is it possible to remover the passenger seat and install a twin passenger seat? thanks in advance
  4. 407
    Hey, I just bought myself a 407 coupe 2.7 HDI with low mileage, and I am very satisfied with the purchase. But there is one thing that keeps bothering me, and that is the height of the seat. I tried all the adjusters, and found out that a rod that connects the motor to the mechanical adjuster...
  5. 308 (2014+)
    Greetings all I own a 308 year 2014 ive bought recently,but the seats are awfully damaged. The problem is i cant find the correct seats on my country. Is there any other car seats that can fit straight in or with some welding Thanks in advance