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  1. Partner
    Hello, I’m thinking of purchasing a partner van - the one I’ve looked at needs a little TLC. The seats are torn and could do with replacing I was wondering does anyone know whether Peugeot seats are standard? For example I’ve seen some 207/208 seats on eBay and wondering if they would fit as a...
  2. Traveller
    Hi, I'm 6ft and my wife is 5ft, so swapping over driver in our 2016 Traveler Allure is quite a kerfuffle, especially with the slow electric seats. I'm an electronics engineer and would like to convert the electric seats to memory seats. Ideally I'd like to piggyback onto the CAN bus to do it...
  3. 5008 (2009-2016)
    I have arranged to buy a 5008 (2010 year) in two days time. The middle seat in the 2nd row is missing a head rest. My question is.....when I'm searching on ebay etc for one, does a 3rd row head rest fit in the 2nd row seats....or does it have to be specifically a 2nd row head rest? Grateful...
  4. 3008 (2017+)
    Hi all, I wondered what the metal rings on the base of the front passenger seat are? They also appear to be on the back seats. Something related to the isofix points? It looks as if the seat cushion should actually be covering these metal parts. Some of the cushion foam also appears to be...
  5. 206
    Hi there, anyone have any ideia where I can get the 206 rc bucket seats?
  6. 3008 (2017+)
    Hi All Is it possible to have heated seats fitted into a 2017 GT Line? I know it comes as standard in the premium model so curious to see if it can be added on. Thanks
  7. Partner
    can’t seem to find anything about this online. I have a 2012 Peugeot partner 2 seat. Is it possible to remover the passenger seat and install a twin passenger seat? thanks in advance
  8. 407
    Hey, I just bought myself a 407 coupe 2.7 HDI with low mileage, and I am very satisfied with the purchase. But there is one thing that keeps bothering me, and that is the height of the seat. I tried all the adjusters, and found out that a rod that connects the motor to the mechanical adjuster...
  9. 308 (2014-2021)
    Greetings all I own a 308 year 2014 ive bought recently,but the seats are awfully damaged. The problem is i cant find the correct seats on my country. Is there any other car seats that can fit straight in or with some welding Thanks in advance
1-9 of 9 Results