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  1. Rifter
    Hi all, I've switched from 308 to the Rifter GT diesel EAT8 after I needed more space. So far, I'm really happy with it. It's quite a change from a car to an MPV/utility veichle, but I'm getting used to it fast. I have a question though. When I park it, it turns on the front parking sensors a...
  2. Rifter
    I am attempting to download the navigation system update for my Rifter, its over 7gb and its taking forever! It must be slow at the download host end, as my connection is 750meg! WHY do it take so long?
  3. Rifter
    Hi, hopefully this could help others as there is no information out there and the handbook fuse diagram lacks detail. I probed around with a voltmeter and this is what worked for me. There were other fuses and even empty slots, but they were either not labelled in the handbook (I'd rather not...
  4. Rifter
    Hi guys. I've ordered a Rifter (ETA september 2020 😒), and I would like to fit a sun visor with mirror on the passenger side (I'm from Portugal and it only have mirror on the driver side (left)). Does anyone knows the part number of the UK driver side sun visor? If you have a website where I...
  5. Rifter
    Hi .. I’ve got a new 19 plate Rifter and the engine management light and ad blue flashing light came on .. plus countdown to “no start “ .. taken it to main dealer and they can’t work out what problem is .. fitted new ad blue pump and nox sensor .. still keeps on happening . It’s still under...
1-5 of 5 Results