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  1. 206
    I have a 206 1.6 Roland Garros 2002. It’s a runabout it’s passing MOTs. However the ABS fault came on and checking diagnostics it’s the OS rear ABS sensor, it has discs at the rear. Easy enough right? Nope. First off was a rounded nut but sorted that quick enough. The sensor itself was stuck...
  2. 407
    I am removing the dashboard to replace the blower motor, i ahve removed everything. The dashboard is still fast in place. I dont know what i forgot to remove, are there any screws you ahve to unscrew from the engine area. I cant find what is holding it still in place. I removed the bolts by the...
  3. 308 (2014-2021)
    Hi there, I’m needing to replace the wing mirror unit on my 308. I have got a new one on the way but can’t find a guide or anything of the sort to help me understand how I get the current unit off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 3008 (2017+)
    Hi folks, Long time lurker. I recently installed a towbar on my 3008, and discovered there’s very little out there on how to remove everything that needs removing. Noting not everyone has access to ServiceBox, I decided to invest a couple of hours writing up a guide to removing the rear bumper...
  5. 308 (2007-2014)
    Hi pugsters, I'm a newbie here, I've lurked for a while looking for info on my 308 at various times, and it's been great, thanks. The radio not deleting old phones was my last problem. Now though I have a much wetter and smellier issue. Before lock down 1 I noticed my boot was leaking...
  6. 5008 (2017+)
    Hi, I need to try and remove so I can fit a new mirror to my GT line 5008 2019. I can’t find anywhere tips on how to remove it, can anyone help. I can see on the door card three screws, 2 under the handle, and one at the bottom, popped the speaker off but that’s as far as I’ve gone. Don’t...
1-6 of 6 Results