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  1. 206
    Hey guys, how are you? I have a problem with my Peugeot 206 generation (2009 model), a few days ago i replace the battery and i bought a 65 amps one and everything worked just fine. Today it started cracking (as usual) it started working but 1 second later it stopped and it wont start again. I...
  2. Introductions
    Having a nightmare. Expert 2013 van wipers intermittent. Its not the motor so by deduction it has to be the relay. The magical question is where is this located?
  3. Boxer
    Morning all chilli one, I have a Boxer 3 2009, was laid up for a while. Turns over a treat but does not fire, I found that the fuse and R10 in engine bay are not operating. If I apply a supply the the fuse it starts. In looking through the wiring diagram R10 appears to come from the ignition...
  4. 407
    I have randomly experienced a problem, where my car wouldn't lock, no matter what. I can use the remote, or the button inside, but only the gas tank door would open.. Today I used diagbox to diagnose the issue, and found out, relay clicks only when I am trying to unlock the doors, but nothing...
  5. 407
    Hi there, I have "2007 407sw 2.2hdi 170". I want to change the radiator fans relay, but what is the best way to get to it? I know that it is in front of the radiator and somehow I should be able to change it without taking the front bumper off, but how? Could someone give me an advice? Thank you...
  6. 205
    Hey Folks, So I have a 1992 205 1.8 Diesel which when cold the Glow plug coil light does not illuminate and randomly while driving it comes on for a period of time then goes out. Car can be tough to start off first crank subsequent cranks starts immediately. All Glow plugs have been...
1-6 of 6 Results