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  1. 307
    Hello! I own a 2011 307xs and I've noticed the rear passanger side door is misaligned on the top part, leaving some space inbetween the door seal. The bottom of the door looks aligned. I've seen online procedures to align doors based on loosening the screws on the door side of the hinges, but...
  2. Partner
    Hi all, my beloved/bloody van is playing me up yet again....... The top hinge pin on the right rear door has rusted out, which meant the door wasn't closing properly, thus the door sensor was kicking off and I couldn't lock the vehicle without giving g the door some welly when shutting it. I've...
  3. 806/807
    Hi. I have an elderly 807 that needs a new seal for the rear door. The seal I need is the one on the leading edge of the door that the front door closes onto. I’ve searched but can’t find a replacement anywhere, partly because I’m not sure exactly what to ask for. Any help or advice appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results