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  1. No boost, no turbo...

    On vacation in France right now which is lovely this time of year. On the way here though when we hit the hills i felt i had no power at all i cant hear the turbo spool up no boost nothing. Neither did i get anything on the dashboard... After the car cools down and i drive off again it behaves...
  2. Can't remove error code P1351 - pug 206+ 2011

    I have tryed changeing the glow plugs, and removeing the code, but it reapears when i cold start my car. It doesnt have any problem starting, even in winter, but i just want the engine code to be gone. I cant locate the relay to test it, or the wirering.
  3. Lane Assist - 2020 Peugeot 2008

    2008 (2019+)
    We're fully aware of the small button to turn it off (Located by the knee on the right of the steering wheel) but is there something we're missing? On the 3008 (2017) you could disable it in the car settings but on the new 2008 there doesn't seem to be anyway to disable it... Maybe there's a...
  4. Rain Sensor Retrofitting (Problem in PP2000 - " THE ECU HAS NOT REPLIED")

    Hello guys, last year I installed the original alarm on my Mux Peugeot 206 (9671.8L) and this year I made the decision to retrofit the original rain sensor. First I noticed that my car did not had the extra wiring needed pre-installed from the factory. So I had to make it. I followed carefully...