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  1. 206
    Hello everyone, I have a peugeot 206 of the year 2008, I have a problem with the abs because the witness is on, and the scanner mark the following: ABS ECU Permenant fault. ABS/ASR (traction control) recirculation pump. Pump locked, CO, CC-or CC+ .... the c1380 problem.. Does anyone know what i...
  2. 107
    Hi guys, I have a semi automatic peugeot 107 2011 sport edition. What could it be, when I want to drive faster, it looks like Im holding cluch and accelerator pedal in one time... Rpm is rising, but car dont run so so fast. But its ok, when I'm driving slow, like some old fart :D I checked oil...
  3. 207
    So everytime i start my car in the morning on cold engine i peak at 12.6 psi boost ... and have no problems with boost but after 5-10 mins when the engine warms up i immediately lose boost and cannot go past 3000-3500 rpm its literally stuck there i hear the diverter valve open and it tries to...
1-3 of 3 Results